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Total Gym Coupon: 10% Off Plus Free Shipping

Fitness Rebates Presents a Total Gym Coupon

Coupon: Get 10% Off Your Purchase of the Total Gym Plus Get Free Shipping

Use Coupon Code 11001

Total Gym® Official Store – Endorsed by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley. FREE Shipping + 10% OFF with Promo Code: 11001

Total Gym FAQ:

How Difficult is the Total Gym to Set Up? – The Total Gym arrives fully assembled and sets up in minutes.

What Kind of Workout Should I Expect When Using a Total Gym? – By using the Total Gym, you’ll get a fantastic workout with real results, just like you would in a regular gym. The Total Gym focuses on Resistance Training. Resistance training is highly recommended by experts and is used by athletes all over the world. Resistance training helps to build, strengthen, and tone your muscles. The Total Gym can also help boost your cardio endurance because of it’s unique design.

How Much Does the Total Gym Weigh? – The Total Gym when shipped to you weighs 96 pounds

How Long Does it Take to Receive a Total Gym? – You generally will receive your Total Gym within 1-2 weeks of ordering it. The Total Gyms are shipped via the UPS Ground service.

This Total Gym Coupon is Accurate as of 3/6/14 1:51 AM EST. Offer Valid as of Time/Date Indicated and is Subject to Change.

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