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Total Gym 30-Day Trial for ONLY $1

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Total Gym 30-Day Trial

Fitness Rebates is Proud to Offer a Total Gym 30-Day Trial for ONLY $1!

Total Gym 30-Day Trial

You’ve probably seen one of those commercials on TV for the Total Gym and were wondering what all the hype was. Here’s a little bit of info on the Total Gym. The Total Gym is a compact piece of exercise equipment that utilizes resistance training. It is very effective because it works a variety of major muscle groups all at the same time. It is easy on your joints because you are using a percentage of your own body weight as resistance. There are 80 different exercises that you can perform on a Total Gym! It is one of the most versatile exercise machines on the market today. It is pretty much full assembled in the box as well!

If you’ve ever been curious about buying one, Total Gym is offering 30 Days for you to try one out for only a buck. That’s right only $1! Click Here for more details

Details on this Total Gym Trial Offer:

  • Choose from the Total Gym XLS or the Total Gym FIT. You can try either of these 2 total gyms in your house risk free for just $1.
  • You’ll receive all of the DVDs & accessories that are listed on the Total Gym XLS and Total Gym FIT pages on the Total Gym website.
  • You can return the Total Gym within 30 days for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.
  • The 30-Day Total Gym Trial begins on the day you receive your Total Gym. NOT THE DAY YOU ORDER IT!
  • Your credit card will be billed when your Total Gym ships.
  • Your first payment will be $1.00 followed by monthly payments (7 monthly payments of $114.09 for the XLS or  10 monthly payments of $149.83 for the FIT).
  • Total Gym does not charge interest however your credit or debit card company may still charge you interest.
  • You may pay off your Total Gym exercise machine at any time with no penalty by contacting the Total Gym customer service team.

What are you waiting for. Try out the Total Gym Today! Risk Free for 30 Days!

This Total Gym 30-Day Trial Offer is Valid as of 11/5/14 3:35 EST. Offer is Valid as of Time/Date Indicated and is Subject to Change.

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