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Save Your Health & Fitness New Years Resolutions with Savings.Com

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With the end of January comes the end of many New Year’s resolutions. We’ve all been there: you started out 2019 on a strong note, pledged to work harder and eat better and read more books. But suddenly, it’s February. Strict regimes have died down, Super Bowl weekend approaches, and somehow you fall straight back into the welcoming arms of your old habits.

If that sounds familiar, don’t worry. You still have time to gear up for your best year yet.


Turn your 2019 resolutions into clear goals.

Looking out for your health and pursuing your fitness goals can take a toll on your wallet. Vitamins and supplements, fresh food and gym memberships start to get expensive, especially once those new-year promotions run out.

Motivation dries up, too. Your exercise bike may start to feel like it’s mocking you, and that treadmill might start to get a little dusty.

We have some simple solutions that will make it easier to rediscover your resolve and stick to your newfound fitness habits—without breaking the bank.


Try a dose of something new.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and that goes for your workouts too. If your pilates routine is starting to feel dull, try changing things up with a morning of kickboxing or hot yoga instead.

You’ll be amazed what a new fitness challenge can do to improve your muscle tone, and your willpower.


Get outside.

So what if it’s been one of the coldest winters in recent history? Don’t let a little fierce weather keep you from pursuing your active goals. Check out these scores from solid outdoor gear brands like MountainWarehouse and Campmor, where you can find the perfect pair of skis, weatherproof tent or athletic coat to keep you moving, no matter the season.


Discover the power of a smartwatch.

Sometimes, we all need a push from technology. When your wrist gadget can not only tell you the time, but keep track of your heart rate, your daily steps, your activity level and your reminders, you’ll have added motivation to get moving and stay focused on your fitness journey.

Our Health & Wellness Buying Guide gives you a jumpstart to help you reach your 2019 goals, with top-rated gear at best-value prices.


Up your workout gear game.

Lack of exciting athletic clothes got you down? Simple changes like brightening your runs with a new pair of sneakers or adding a new tank top to your rotation can improve your motivation.

Get out of bed without hitting snooze and hit the gym instead. You can save big on top-quality workout attire, even while you look like a million bucks. Go ahead, have your cake and eat it too (well, almost).


Update your soundtrack.

Did you know that music impacts your workout pace? You should start your warmup around 120 bpm—think “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson—and then alternate your rhythms depending on your activity, ranging from 130-160 bpm to match your pace.

A faster song can push you to record-breaking times on your daily runs, while an intense, mid-paced song can help you concentrate on weight-lifting and building core strength. Refresh your music, refresh your mindset.

Looking for more ideas? Savings.com has an ever-updated selection of coupons and rebates to save your wallet, and your resolutions.

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