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Lecheek Nutrition StimShot Preworkout 40 Servings on Sale for $25.95

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Preworkout Deal

A1 Supplements currently has a deal on Lecheek Nutrition StimShot preworkout workout

Get 40 Servings of Lecheek Nutrition StimShot Preworkout Mint Flavor for Only $25.95!

“Lecheek Nutrition StimShot – 40 Servings, Mint ““Sublingual Preworkout! Increase Energy & Focus!”

StimShot is different from many other preworkouts on the market. Stimshot is the first sublingual preworkout in which you simply put the preworkout powder under your tongue and let it dissolve like a mint. This is great if you’re tired of having to chug a preworkout drink before you hit the gym. Simply put STIM Shot under your tongue and let it disolve. You’ll be ready to go in 10 minutes!

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Price of $25.95 for Lecheek Nutrition StimShot Preworkout is valid as of 6/21/16. Offer subject to change price is accurate as of date indicated. Any final price you pay at A1Nutrition will apply to your order

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