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Flex Belt Coupon – Get 10% Off Your Order of the Flex Belt

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Ab Exercise Equipment Coupon

Fitness Rebates Presents a Flex Belt Coupon

GetĀ 10% Off Your Order of the Flex Belt

Use Coupon Code FLEX10OFF at Checkout

Get 10% Off your Order of The Flex Belt – Use Coupon Code: “FLEX10OFF” at Checkout

Adrianne Curry Uses The Flex Belt

About the Flex Belt:

The Flex Belt is the first abdominal toning exercise belt that has been cleared by the FDA forĀ strengthening your abdominal muscles. The flex belt has an innovative design and can be used to tighten your abs in just 30 minutes a day.

It uses patented EMS muscle stimulation to firm your abdominal muscles. With the Flex Belt, you can see results in 4-8 weeks. The Flex Belt website even has a 60 day money back guarantee so you can see if the Flex Belt is right for you. The Flex Belt is universal and can be used by men and women.

Flex Belt Coupon

This Flex Belt 10% Off Coupon is Valid as of 11/14/13 1:07 A.M. EST. Offer is Valid as of Time & Date Indicated and is Subject to Change. Any Price Paid at Time of Purchase Will Apply to the Purchase of the Flex Belt

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