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Claim Your FREE Sample of FitFreeze Ice Cream

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For a limited time only you can get a free sample pack of FitFreeze Ice Cream! FitFreeze ice cream is high in protein and is low in calories and sugar.

Free Samples of FitFreeze Ice Cream

With This FitFreeze Ice Cream Free Sample Deal, You Will Receive:
  • 2 complete servings of FitFreeze ice cream in either chocolate or vanilla flavor
  • The FitFreeze Ice Cream Recipe Book as an added free bonus
  • All you pay for you FitFreeze Ice Cream free samples is $7.95 for shipping. The ice cream itself is 100% free you are just paying for the delivery to your doorstep

FitFreeze ice cream keeps you full, energized and satisfied. In addition to it being high in protein, FitFreeze is also loaded with fiber and is gluten free. A serving of Fitfreeze ice cream 7 whole grams of fiber which is eight times more than a cup of spinach! This ice cream is lower in sugar than your average cup of ice cream too. FitFreeze contains zero artificial sweeteners and is a treat that your whole family will love! Interested in your FitFreeze free samples? Click Here to get yours today


Free Sample FitFreeze Ice Cream

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