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Ask Yourself Are You Worth It?

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Anyone who tells you that there is a quick fix or a miracle that will allow you to get super thin with no effort is lying.

Did you hear that?  They’re lying to you.

The truth is, there is absolutely no quick fix or miracle when it comes to weight loss.  There are a lot of tools that you can add to your arsenal:  Good foods.  Exercise equipment.  Supplements.  Water.  These things will all help you, but none of them alone are a miracle or a quick fix.  The truth is, there is only one key to losing weight and keeping it off.  Only one tool that you MUST have in order to get healthy.  It can’t be bought.  It doesn’t come in pill form.  You can’t get it on an infomercial.  The truth is, you already have it, right now, as you read this.

It is between your ears.Are You Worth It

Your brain.  The only thing holding you back from successful weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is your mind.  It is the thing that tells you that you really need that second helping of mashed potatoes.  It is the thing that tells you that you’re too tired to get off the couch and exercise.  It is the thing that tells you that you’re going to fail.

But, your brain is also the thing that will tell you that you CAN do it, that you DON’T have to eat that cupcake, that will tell you that you CAN climb that flight of stairs.  Your brain will also tell you that you are worthy…if you train your brain to allow the positive self talk.  Weight loss is only achieved when you allow your mind to realize that you are worthy of being happy and healthy.  Your brain is the miracle answer to your weight loss struggles.

So, ask yourself:  Are you worth it?

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